Nov 162016

I love the movie The War Room by the Kendrick brothers because it has so many incredible lessons about prayer and really helped revolutionize my prayer life. In that movie it says that people often lose because they don’t really know how to fight or who the real enemy is. The whole movie goes on to show how our battle is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities that can only be beaten in prayer and submission to God. It tells the story of how a woman saves her marriage by stopping fighting her husband and starting to win battles on her knees. If you haven’t watched it then I strongly recommend that you do.

Instead of fighting one another let’s take our requests to God – whether it is to save a marriage, someone’s salvation, or whatever situation you may be facing. When we try to fight people we are just going to lose and make them defensive and angry and get nowhere but if we take our requests to God and fight our battle on our knees with targeted, specific prayers based on God’s Word then we can’t help but win.

Here are some things that I have found useful in developing my prayer life:

  1. Make a list of the things you want to pray about or the people you want to pray for.
  2. Find Scriptures which relate to your prayer request and use those to pray where possible.
  3. If you have any unforgiveness in your heart towards someone you are praying for always forgive them first (no matter how many times you need to do this.)
  4. Ask God to forgive you for holding unforgiveness or anything you may have done wrong in the situation.
  5. Thank God for answers to prayer.

Initially I wrote out the exact words of the prayers I wanted to pray into specific situations and would use these but over time I found that my prayers would change. I still find that these are useful and sometimes I will update them with new full prayers. Then when I am feeling like I don’t really know how to pray I may use them word for word or I may just use them as a springboard from which to continue praying.

Prayer is our most important resource and battle strategy. Prayer not only develops our relationship with God but also helps us win battles here on earth so I encourage you to pray as much as possible and see how it changes your life.

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