Nov 182016

journallingYesterday I spoke about soaking and how it is a good idea to journal after your soaking. Now I have two types of journals – my bullet journal for plans, lists, etc. and then the journal I want to speak about today. In this journal I write down not only how I am doing, the things I am dealing with, how I slept and the things I am grateful for but also things that I feel God is saying to me.

These things are not necessarily tied up with my soaking times but when God does speak to me directly during the soaking times and I feel it is something I need to make note of then I write this down in my journal. Sometimes God will speak to me at other times and through other things and then I will write down what I feel He is saying then.

I find the good thing about having a journal to write down what God is telling you and what you are going through is that you can look back after a few months, or even a few years, and see how far you have come and the lessons you have learned along the way.

There aren’t really any tricks or rules to this type of journal but just be receptive to God’s voice and believe that you can hear Him talking to you and then write down whatever He says. At times you may be wrong and instead of it being the voice of God it could be your own thoughts or desires but that is fine, you will learn that over time and there have been times when I have gone back and torn pages out of my journals because I realize that it wasn’t God’s voice but just my desires at the time. Still having a record will allow you to look back and see what was right and what was wrong and how far you have come.

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