Nov 212016

It always amazes me how many Christians don’t think they can hear the voice of God. If you are a born-again Christian let me tell you that God wants to speak to you and if you are willing to make time to listen then you will learn to hear His voice. He tells us in His Word that ‘My sheep know My voice.’ (John 10:27)

Firstly, I think part of the problem is that many people don’t make time to listen to God’s voice. If you really want to hear God then you need to make time to be still and shut out the voices of the world and the busyness for a while. Also don’t feel like you always need to be reading your Bible or praying to spend time in God’s presence, just be quiet and let Him speak to you instead of you always speaking to Him. God may speak to you through the Bible directly or just as a still, small voice in your heart but either way you need to make time to listen.

A crucial aspect of knowing that what you are hearing really is the voice of God is that God will NEVER go against His Word. Spend time really getting to know what the Bible has to say so that when you hear a still, small voice in your heart you can measure it against the Bible and determine whether this is from God or not. If it goes against what the Bible says then it is definitely not from God.

What do you feel about it? Generally God’s Word comes with a sense of peace although that said, sometimes His plans for us are so big that when He tells us them we may be a bit frightened and fearful. ¬†When you feel frightened, ask yourself why? Could it be that this is from God but you feel it is beyond your abilities – then that is good because you will be more dependent on God. If there is a general uneasiness then rather don’t do anything and ask that if it is God that He would confirm the Word.

The more you spend time with God and desire to know His voice, the more you will grow in Him and get to know His voice clearer. Ask God to silence any voice that is not from Him and to open your ears to hear His voice clearly. Remember, He longs to speak with you.

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