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Christmas is just around the corner and Christians have differing views on this, for some it is the most important holiday of the year; others believe that as Christians we should not celebrate it. Personally for me it is the best holiday and a celebration of all that is good.

Firstly it is a celebration of Jesus’ birth. Although we know that Jesus¬†was not really born in December it is the time that we choose to celebrate His birth. If you don’t choose to celebrate His birth in December then when do you choose to celebrate it? We celebrate our birthdays each year so why not celebrate His? Jesus was the greatest Gift we could ever receive. He brought us eternal life, forgave us for all our sins, heals our diseases and is so much more that we can’t even begin to tell of who He is. I really believe that whether we do this in December or some other time of year there needs to be a special time of celebrating His life, not just an ‘Oh we celebrate Him every day’ and then continue with our normal lives.

Secondly, Christmas is a celebration of love. God is Love and Christmas is a time when we celebrate love and enjoy time with friends and family. As an old song I used to sing as a child goes ‘Christmas is a time to love’.

Christmas is also a celebration of generosity. Most people give gifts on Christmas and remember the greatest Gift of all that God gave us when Jesus came to this earth.

This is a time of year when even those who are not Christians recognize Jesus and celebrate Him so use it as an opportunity to witness for Him. People are already thinking about Him and it is an amazing opportunity not to be missed.

So I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Go out and celebrate Jesus’ birth (even though we know it was probably a lot earlier in the year), celebrate love and generosity. Spend time with friends and family and know that our God is far greater than any pagan god or demons that may have been celebrated around this time of year too.

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