Jan 172017

Have you ever had something that you feel God has promised you but then you feel He is asking you to lay it down and sacrifice it on the altar but you still believe it is His promise? Probably when I say this you immediately think of Abraham.

God promised Abraham Isaac and that his descendants would be reckoned through Isaac but then God asked him to sacrifice Isaac. I believe Abraham showed incredible faith when he started the journey to sacrifice Isaac and really would have done it had God not stopped him at the very last moment (when Isaac was already on the altar). Abraham believed God had promised him Isaac but he also believed in God and knew that God fulfilled His promises so whatever He was going to do through this he would somehow still have Isaac.

Sometimes God asks us to lay things down that He really has promised us but do we show the same faith as Abraham? I am currently reading Derek and Ruth Prince’s book “God is a Matchmaker” and in this book Derek says that one of the actions that may lead to a successful marriage is the principle of resurrection, this principle of laying down what God has promised in order to receive it back again.

I love what Derek says about this principle:

“As I wrestled at that time with God’s dealings in my life, I cried out, ‘Lord, why do you give us something and then ask for it back again? Why do so many of the things You bless have to pass through death and resurrection?’ I felt God give me the following answer: Because when I resurrect something I resurrect it the way I want it to be , not the way it was originally.”

This is something you don’t often hear talked about in Christian circles but I believe it is perhaps one of the hardest things God asks of us. Are we willing to be like Abraham and lay down what God has promised and believe that if it really is His will that He can give it back to us in His time and in His way or are we going to selfishly hang onto it and refuse to give it up? Fortunately I don’t think God always asks this of everyone but I just want to encourage those who may be going through this that you are not alone and God is faithful to His Word no matter what the situation may look like now.

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