Jan 182017

One of my biggest downfalls over the years has been that I often want something that God has promised for the future right now. I am not the most patient person when it comes to things happening in my life and at Bible College I was given a prophecy that I tend to push things ahead of God’s timing which unfortunately has certainly been true over the years.

Now I have been learning to live more in the present. I admit I probably still have a long way to go before I get this right all the time but I have improved. I am learning that often God only gives us light for the next step even if we have received a promise for the future we often can’t see exactly how that is going to play out or the journey God will take us on to get us there.

Sometimes God gives us a snippet of what our future holds by giving us a promise of something but He doesn’t tell us when or how it is going to happen and there is this big gap inbetween that we need to walk in faith, knowing that ultimately God will fulfill His plans and purposes for my life, all I need to know is the next step and that He will show me as I walk day by day.

There is purpose in the journey. We may want what God has shown us immediately but we may not yet be ready for it. If we are faithful in taking the small steps He shows us and not try to push things ahead of His timing then I believe that He will be faithful in getting us there, one step at a time and that when we do eventually reach our promised land that we will be better prepared for it than if we had tried to do it in our own timing.

I know this is difficult and I am still learning but I just want to encourage you to enjoy the journey as I am learning to do and not rush things. Let God work out in you what He needs to before you reach your destination.

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